It’s Coming: Flying the Red, White, & Blue Again

  • May 20, 2021

Expect excitement for upcoming holidays with patriotic themes

Perhaps more than ever, Americans right now are primed to fly the red, white, and blue. It hasn’t arrived yet, but we can almost feel it coming: a national expression of relief over loosening pandemic restrictions, and a seemingly newfound freedom to get out and about.


In other words, many of us are waiting for the chance to blow off steam. So it’s a great time for business owners and marketing managers to think ahead, to join in the celebrations when they happen. That means the Fourth of July and related holiday weekend, for a number of reasons. Among them:

  • The President has established a July 4 target date for 70% of Americans to have at least a first shot of the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The date is now generally accepted as a target for when the country can “re-open,” or at least begin to think like life is returning to normal. 
  • If indeed the 70% target is met and proclamations made, that holiday weekend (July 4 is a Sunday this year) will be bigger than normal; and it’s typically among the most-celebrated holidays of the year anyway.
  • The patriotic sentiment could last through the summer, as more people travel or vacation; perhaps even through the Labor Day weekend.
  • The percentage of Americans who are “proud” of their country is expected to rise, after a quite-tumultuous year.

In other words, we are about to feel good again for living in the United States of America. And there’s no reason why businesses can’t join and be part of the celebration. It could mean big dividends to get ahead of the game.

Businesses: Prepare to be Part of July Fourth Festivities

The Fourth of July traditionally has been a big holiday for businesses to attach to. Realtors might purchase a batch of little American flags to stick into neighbors’ lawns (with their business card attached, of course). Storefronts add temporary painted stars and stripes to their windows, and companies ramp up patriotic print and display advertising.


This year, due to a very tempered previous July Fourth due to a pandemic resurgence, the demand to celebrate the nation’s birthday is pent up. Something’s bound to give. Hints of it could surface as soon as Memorial Day weekend.


For a business, why not just be ready? Think about it: little American flags don’t spoil or expire in time. Aside from the Fourth of July, red, white, and blue gear is also usable during other times, like for Veterans Day or Memorial Day weekend. Even Labor Day is a rather patriotic weekend, celebrating both the end of summer and return to school.

American flag flying in California in May 2021; pandemic recovery expected to bring out patriotism.


FLYING ALREADY: A Facebook post out of California in mid-May 2021.

Get Creative this July 4th

A good thing about holidays with a patriotic theme is, the decorations or promotional products don’t have to be a one-and-done deal. It’s not like year-end holidays where the turkeys, Santas and champagne flutes are good just for a day or weeks.

Patriotic marketing items might be considered green: not only are they reusable, they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Let’s take a look at some patriotically themed promotional products that could be used either to anchor a campaign for marketing, or for informational purposes; or to otherwise supplement business objectives.

1. Educational. Simple ways to explain the holidays, especially for kids, can prove valuable at the moment, and also later while items remain inside homes. Take for instance this “I Love America” coloring book. It’s not a single-use item, and actually might carry some shelf life to remain before the eyes of potential future customers. Note the front-cover space for your company logo.


2. Barbecue. Luckily, the holidays that lend themselves well to a patriotic theme arrive during warm-weather months, which means … barbecues, picnics, family outings, and more! Decorated and branded can coolies, for example, can not only match the sentiment of the holiday, they also are reusable over many months. Get your can coolies now and be stocked up through Labor Day (and maybe even a little into the fall should public events continue into October).


Don’t forget branded kitchen tools, too ~ which future customers can use at the barbecue or even inside while cooking.

American flag branded promotional products can include little kicking sacks

3. Fun & Games. What would a barbecue or friendly gathering be without fun things to do? Imagine how many kids will be running around with (branded) paper airplanes or foam gliders? For the adults, make your Independence Day more enjoyable with game boards; or kick some sack balls among yourselves.


4. Team Sport. For business events, plan for a team-oriented campaign and adorn employees in patriotic hats or shirts for the day, or something even more festive like lighted stars on a string.



Final Words on Patriotic Displays by Business

Aside from the historic pandemic keeping us all cooped up for so long, remember that this year, July 4 lands on a Sunday, which means the following Monday off for many people and an even longer holiday weekend than normal.


Some polls in recent years hinted that fewer of us admit to being “proud” of our country. However, after more than a year of being forced to work together against a common foe ~ a globe-trotting virus ~ the United States citizenry is slowly coalescing and readying for summer-time enjoyment.


Remember what President Biden said when establishing the July 4 goal to (at least symbolically) re-open the country: “The light at the end of the tunnel is actually growing brighter and brighter.”

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Question: When is Memorial Day and Labor Day this year?

Answer: In 2021, Memorial Day is the last day of the month, May 31. Labor Day this year lands kind of late, or deeper into September: Sept. 6. Both are on Monday of course.


Q.: Is there a single place where we can see all kinds of patriotic promotional products?

A.: Thanks for asking! Just click here.


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